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Rope and pole, rope and post, retractable barrier, stanchions.


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Rope and pole, retractable barrier and stanchions for queue management.


Rope and pole is still by far the most popular and traditional queue management and pedestrian guidance system on the market, retractable barriers are some way behind. If you are considering a new crowd control or queue guidance post system we have a wide range to offer, stanchions to suit you and your budget, combining public safety features and high quality with stylish design.

In these days of health and safety the barrier or cordon has become a legal and very necessary requirement for all companies
looking to protect them selves and their employees or customers from accidents or dangerous area’s and harmful incident.

Consider your application well, what would suit it best, a nice braided rope or a tight twist, what diameter, what colour, hooks or triggers, chrome or brass finish, all impact on the image your are trying to project for your company and the project.

Our supremacy range of rope and post can take a sign top, available in portrait and landscape, allowing you to advise the public with an instruction or information. Chrome posts are most popular in all ranges but we do also offer and stock brass, grey and black finishes across or cordoning ranges.

If you have a need for an external rope and pole queue guidance system or café barrier cordon you’ll be glad to know we have extra heavy weighted bases to cope with winds and external grade chrome for the UK’s very changeable outdoor elements.
With café barrier you have a terrific branding opportunity, a chance to catch the public’s eye and entice business your way. The High street can be a very competitive place and a nicely cordoned off area to enjoy the day or take a break, sup a drink, could be just the thing to bring custom to your door, instead of next door.

Some applications just call out for rope and post, the red carpet event outside a theatre for a grand opening, or passenger queues in airports for prestige services.

Other area’s that these quality chrome guidance stanchions are seen in regular use are, Hotel’s, Receptions, Offices, Theme parks, Banks, Sports centres, Education centres, Museums, Warehouse, Supermarket’s, Cinema and retail shopping outlets.

Rope barrier queue management system. High quality product with smart cone top's

Kudos Range, rope and posts, quality chrome finish weighted bases with rubber anti slip and slide and scuff protection.
Trigger hook
Trigger Hooks

rope red black blue
Dome BaseChrome pole and rope fitting


• Height 1.1M
• Weight 8.8Kilos
• Dimension of base 350mm
• Pole diameter 50mm
• Domed base height 70mm including rubber floor protector
• 30mm Ropes
• Ropes length 1.5M including drape
• Ropes have trigger Hooks

Smart Chrome Cone Tops
pole top cone


Kudos Rope and Poles Prices per unit £'s



Order Code



Kudos Chrome Post

10 Kilos

Kudos Post



Rope with chrome trigger hooks Red /Blue /Black

0.56 Kilos




Supremacy rope barrier queuing system. Chrome Or Brass high quality system
Trigger hooks for rope barriers

Trigger Hooks are available in chrome or brass

rope fitting
Brass and Chrome  Posts for ropes


Rope Colours

Supremacy accessories.
Not comparable with Kudos

Standard (Base & Pole) Brass £75.00
Standard (Base & Pole) Chrome£63.00
1.5M Rope with end hooks Brass or Chrome £28
1.5M Rope with trigger hooks Brass or Chrome £39.78
A4 Chrome or Brass landscape or portrait Sign Frame £35
Wall Eye Plates Chrome £6.00
Wall Eye Plates Brass £6.00

Sign Holder A4

Rope diameter is 25mm
Each base unit weighs 5 Kilos Posts are 1.0m High with 300mm dia base.

Supremacy rope is also available without hooks which require specialist fitting. Hook + fitting (Brass or Chrome) £10.70 each end ,Trigger hooks are also available at £16.59 each end. The maximum coil length is 25 Metres priced at £4.40 per metre. A minimum order of £35 applies
30mm rope is also available at £6.70 per metre by special order

Budget Rope and Pole System

Pole with base and rope fitting: Order Code ROPF, £45.00

1.5M Rope and black plastic hooks: Order Code Rop15, £18.00

rope selection
budget crowd control

Rope colours Black, Burgundy, Red and Blue also available but not stocked Gray. Rope ends are black.

Poles are 1000mm High in Black or Silver-grey

5.5 Kilos

Cafe style barrier with banner
Cafe Barrier

New product

The system is available in two standard widths 1200 and 2000mm.

• Top and bottom rail both secure with locking mechanism.
• No bungee cords
• Banners are locked in to top and bottom rails, no eyelets or hems.
• Heavy base units 18 kilos cross bars 2.5 (1.2M and 4 kilos (2M)
• Exterior grade chrome finish
• Correct height for white walking sticks and street furniture regulations.

Prices Single Post Code: HDPOST £115
Pair of 1200mm Rails £65
Pair of 1500mm Rails £75
Pair of 2M Rails £85
Digitally printed white pvc banner printed single sided full colour
802mm x 975 £60 or 802 x1775mm £80
Double sided printing: 1.2 M unit £120 & 2M units £160


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See also retractable belt barrier systems for queue management


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