Vector kit 8, Lockwall trade show display stand with arch structures.
Vector kit 8, Lockwall trade show display stand with arch structures. thumbnail

Vector kit 8, Lockwall trade show display stand with arch structures.

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Vector Lockwall Kit 8

Modular exhibition stand with two arching canopies.

Vector Kit 8 trade show display stand, designed to fit a 6x3 Metre L Shaped exhibition stand floor area.

Vector modular display stands are produced with various aluminium profile sections that lock together with an connector fitting. Each aluminium section has a receiving channel to accept the fabric graphics. All tension fabric graphics have a flexible silicone bead stitched to every edge. This jab fits into the channel to hold it tight and create the finished display. Should you wish for a more traditional graphic style we also offer an option for a printed foamex panel to be fixed into the display frames with velcro, available by quotation.

To assemble a trade show display stand as this example, the aluminium frame work is assembled from standard size aluminium components. The assembled frames then lock together to create the finished structure of the exhibition stand. This then needs to be dressed with graphics, either tension fabrics, the most popular or velcro fixed digitally printed display boards.

All our vector modular displays are designs that can be adapted to suit your custom requirement. We can also altered any stand design at a later date to create a new trade show display stand for your next event. We keep a log of all drawings and the components list to build it. A modular display as this makes a statement about the company and the products it is promoting, your own printed branding brings a stylish display stand as this to life.

Please note the accessories shown are not included in the cost shown.

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