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How to make the most of your exhibition space

Published: 21/07/2022
There are many factors in getting the most from your exhibition space.These factors tend to centre around a number of factors that occur frequently and are mostly in your control.

There are many factors in getting the most from your exhibition space. In my experience these factors tend to centre around a number of factors that occur frequently and are mostly in your control.

Exhibition Stand Design- Make it memorable

Creating a stand that is unique and memorable is demanding especially in a bigger event. The answer lies in a good design that gets across your message but in a memorable or different way. There are many ways to make your stand memorable including the clever use of graphics, good lighting, colours, and sounds.

Putting time into the design at an early stage is time well spent. It is also a good idea to consider looking for outside help with the design if this is not a skill you have inhouse.

Good exhibition stand lighting

Have a look at the exhibition stands that work at an exhibition and the ones that stand out will always have good lighting. How will visitors see you if you don’t stand out in the crowd?

There is a wide range of lighting systems available for small, medium, or large exhibition stands. The range will include simple spotlights and backlights and advance onto more sophisticated lighting designs for bigger stands.

The decision on lighting will be governed partly by your budget but it is important to make allowance for good lighting if you want your exhibition stand to succeed.

Use your Exhibition stand space wisely

Your stand needs to be uncluttered and not loaded down with unnecessary equipment and paperwork. The message that visitors should get is of a well organised space that conveys a professional image. In this case less is more.

Give exhibition visitors an incentive to visit your stand

Offering incentives in goodie bag has been around for a while but may work in the right circumstances. Using interactive technology to deliver an experience to your potential customer can also work well with the right business but this is more expensive to deliver. The choice here will depend on your budget but is well worth considering.

Get you exhibition staffing levels right

It is unwise to have too many staff member on your stand especially in quieter times. You need to make the stand appealing and not intimidating to approach. Visitors don’t want to be outnumbered by your staff or they will be put off. It’s a tricky balance but with good planning, you should be able to phase it correctly.

Making the most of your budget to produce the best exhibition stand is a demanding task. There are many aspects to consider and we at Coker Expo can guide you through the many choices you have to make.

About the author

Richard Collins

Having worked at Coker Expo for 35 years, my role has continually developed and grown. An initial keen interest in photography and a college course set me on a path to start out as a photographic lab technician. With the march of time I progressed to use Macintosh computers and large digital printers to produce exhibition graphics and display stands.

Now working within the senior management team and directly with clients, my role focuses on both the development of new business and delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction through our products and services.

I work alongside clients to understand the requirements for their events and what opportunities there are to make a bigger impact, enabling Companies to stand out from the crowd. With a detailed understanding of events and goals, I advise and design on the range of solutions available to customers, seeing a project through to completion.

At Coker Expo we are able to offer full solutions for any companies exhibition needs, be it a full Lighting truss system with lighting fixtures and graphic banners, a freestanding tension fabric display or simply assist you with a small element of your display needs such as a banner stand.

Recently, at Coker Expo we began to develop and have now launched a Dynamic light box which brings the illusion of movement to a backlit fabric graphic. This has been a natural progression from our modular tension fabric display frames and really makes the most of our high quality print output capabilities thanks to recent investment in an HP R2000 Latex printer.

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