Banner Stands

Exhibition display banner stands are one of our most popular products for promotional events and brand advertising.

Banner stands come in various styles and sizes, light weight portable indoor units to our outdoor banner stands which can be weighted or provided with guide pegs to tie down at external events.

Forming part of an extensive range of exhibition and promotional display stands, Coker Expo banner stands are available in 3 main styles; roller banners, pull-up banners and simple tension pole banners which have a base plate or foot system with rear extending pole to support the banner. We also provide Blizzard and Monsoon banner stands designed for external display promotions.

We have chosen the best units available and added a high quality graphic to bring you a range of very affordable portable promotional banner display solutions to fulfil most presentation needs.

If you would like further information on the Coker Expo Exhibition Display range of Banner Stands, please call us on 01256 768178.

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Hampshire - Pull up roller banner stand


Wedge base display stand for sign board displays


Blizzard external banner stand


Aero plus banner display system for portable backdrops


Event roller banner stand 800mm or 850mm wide x 2010mm high


Barracuda banner stand


Surrey roller banner stand, pull up banner


Twist banner stand for exhibition and event promotion


Telescopic Banner stand with carry bag 3 Meters


Pegasus banner stand is a simple method to display a Pvc banner


Twist AV banner stand for up to 50inch LCDs


Twist flexible banner stand