Rotating display turntable with a totem light box.
Rotating display turntable with a totem light box.Rotating totem light box

Rotating display totem light box, brings movement to your promotional display.

Rotating totem light box

Revolving tower light box.


How to rotate a totem light box! Bring eye catching movement to your display with a rotating light box. A revolving illuminated display adds a new level of interest to any promotion, display or show room area. Here we have combined the popular Totem or tower light box with a large display turntable to cope with its height.

This turntable can take up to 100 kilos and will revolve at 2rpm per minute. The light box has 2 high quality transparencies and uses an Led light tube.

Have any ideas to create an illuminated revolving display, let us quote for you. Call 01256 768178.

Rotating Totem from Coker Exhibitions on Vimeo.

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