Cough Guards and Sneeze Screens

Cough Guards and Sneeze Screens suitable for Retail and Leisure counter staff protection.

With Covid-19 out in the world at present thought needs to be given to methods of protection for both counter staff and customers whom are being served. In many instances you can not tell a carrier of Coronavirus, some do not now themselves so purchase of a sneeze screen or cough guard will keep us all safe.

We have sneeze screens that are freestanding and also easy counter mountable types a quick solution to reducing your staff to possible exposure to Coronavirus, keeping them safe in the workplace. Made in the UK from quality components and clear acrylics.

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Staff and customer Protection roller screen stand


Social distancing screen divide base unit


Freestanding protective screen guard


Counter and desk protection screens using safety glass.


Freestanding Virus sneeze screen 2m high


Protective sneeze shield for counter tops


Cough and sneeze counter guard screen


Sneeze screen for shop counter tops


Freestanding Sneeze Screen