LED Floodlight, affordable, daylight Led lighting for exhibition stands

LED Floodlights 50W 100W 150W & 200W

You can not over light a show these LED units are essential lighting


This magnificent 4 power level range of Slimline LED Floodlights are really important for any show. There is nothing more important than a correctly lit exhibition stand. You can not over light a stand but if you don't have enough lighting and your stand is even slightly gloomy it will be a disappointment for your sales and your visitors. LED lights like this are very affordable and very importantly they won't cook your head during the show because they are so much more efficient as lights rather than heaters an immense step forward from halogen and tungsten. Led lighting fixtures have a much reduce power consumption for light output so your power cost at exhibition venue should be lower too.

Available in 50W-200W, have a lumen output of up to 16000lm and all come with a 3 year guarantee. IP 65 For outdoor use 6500K Colour (Daylight) Full specification of sizes on PDF.

Outdoor connectors are not available on the website!

Please call and speak to a lighting specialist 01256 768178.

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