Clamp on Led flood lights for display graphics, C1060

LED popup display light C1060

Led pop up display light.


A specialist pop up and display Led clamp light for use when power supply requirements are to be kept to a minimum. Led lighting uses a fraction of the power that a traditional bulb would do so saves on power costs at an exhibition hall. These have a 20w draw a lot less than standard halogens at 120/150 watts. Comes with a 3M mains lead and has a 300mm long arm.

These units also have the benefit of very little heat output which is helpful if your standing by your display system all day. The units have a full swivel head + tilt and are supplied with a universal pop up adaptor and screw clamp for walls up to 30mm thick so are ideal for use along the tops of walls at exhibitions and events to illuminate your graphic branding on the stand..

In our test cooler and a bit brighter than a 120W halogen display light.

We can re-wire these at a small cost to use our daisy chain light linking system.

Clamp jaw has a max 30mm opening gap, 300mm long arm.

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