LED Spotlight 120w Halogen equivalents
LED Spotlight 120w Halogen equivalents

Energy saving LED Display Light

LED46 Spotlights

Energy saving LED spotlights complete with (replaceable) LED lamp white light comes complete with 15W lamp 60° beam angle 1250 Lumens (narrowed by the fitting to 40°)

Unit size is 305 x 195 x 267 mm (LxWxH) unit weight 1.2Kilos A filter frame is included and we can supply as an optional extra gel filters to alter the °K up or down from the white light starting point thus a white light can become daylight or warm white. Power cord is 30cm and has no plug as standard.

The fitted LED lamp has ES cap so is replaceable but has a considerably increased life span to the now old style halogens the lamps fitted are LED and so consume a fraction of the power and generate much less heat.

Options include barn doors, exhibition gantry clamps for 35 and 50mm Systems, daisy lead plug and Gel filters

Gantry Clamps
Barn Door
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