Unicity Wallwash Led lighting fixture in white
Unicity Wallwash Led lighting fixture in whiteUnicity Wallwash Led light dimensions

Unicity Wallwash Led light, 15w display light.

Unicity Wallwash Led light

White only, exceeds 100w halogen bulb.

Bulb of 4000 kelvin at 1041 lumens, 50 degrees.


Unicity wallwash Led display light, 15w power draw that exceeds to traditional 100w halogen bulb. This display lighting fixture has a Die-cast aluminium body and heatsink for good thermal management. Suitable for use in either a ceiling or wall fixing position, this recessed adjustable wallwash fixture has 355 degrees rotation and adjustable tilt angle from -15 degrees to 45 degrees, 30 degrees cut-off angle in the horizontal position.

Suited to use in the exhibition environment fixed to either ceilings or walls as well as a neat solution for the retail outlet of shop.

Note this led unit has a remote driver with plug and play connection and is not dimmable. The bulb for this wallwasher is cool white at 400 kelvin with an output of 1041 lumens, so pretty bright for its size. The manufacture quotes an LED lifespan L70 50,000 hours.

Expect a 3 days supply time.

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