Wall Washer Led Track Light in white
Wall Washer Led Track Light in white17w Led wall washer track light in black17w Led wall washer track light dimensionsLed display light ceiling mount in silver

Wall Washer Led Track Light, 17w.

Wall Washer Led Track Light

17 watts, 16 amp , 240 volt mains.

4000 and 3000 kelvin bulbs


17w Wall washer Led track light available in black and white for our 16 amp, 240 volt, lighting track system, single circuit. This lighting fixtures need not be used only on a light track it can be locked into a wall or ceiling mount to give even greater adaptability. This lighting fixture is available in black or white and two bulb colour ranges, 4000k and 3000k. 3000K is the warmer light normally for cloths displays 4000K is a cooler light for bathroom dsiplays etc.

A built in driver powers this light fixture, comparable to a 35w halogen bulb, its special reflector makes for maximum light efficiency and output, expect 529 Lumens of light out put and 100 degree beam angle. 355 degrees rotation with 0 - 180 degrees of tilt on the bracket. 50,000 hrs life quoted by the manufacturer.

Fixture colour options
Bulb colour
Ceiling or wall mount
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