2 Metre light bar and lights
2 Metre light bar and lightsClamp on lighting barLighting clamp movementsLighting bar stowedClamp On LightingClamp On LightingClamp On LightingClamp On LightingClamp On LightingClamp On Lighting

Triple light bar with clamps

Clamp On Lighting

3 x LED Display spotlights


Clamp on lighting bar 2M with three LED Polished lights

So versatile, the two clamp fixings have jaws of 0-55mm and can be clamped almost anywhere with ease. You can swivel the clamps 360°round in both directions and the clamps can be positioned anywhere on the 2M bar! The unit is supplied with three Expo can spotlights complete with super bright 15W LED lamps. Each of the lights are fitted with daisy plugs and connectors and the whole thing then comes with a 5 Metre mains lead.

This system is perfect for multiple shell scheme shows every time offering a hassle free installation. Fixing to a ceiling grid in any exhibition shell scheme now becomes a brezze. Each of the lighting fixtures has a gel holder allowing the colour temperature to be altered to suit your products. Options would include Gel filters and daisy extension leads.

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