Two tier exhibition gantry system rental.
Two tier exhibition gantry system rental. thumbnail
Two tier exhibition gantry system rental. thumbnail

Two tier exhibition gantry system rental.

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Two Tier Exhibition Gantry Rental

This build is for a floor area of 4m x 4m. The exhibition gantry has the dimensions of 2.8m x 2.8m x 2445 / 3.550mm high. Even a build as this can be simple to erect. First assemble the top structure, you now have a box on small stumps, the projections that come down from the lower junctions.

So how to assemble a lighting truss structure as this. To raise this up we add in smaller leg sections, either lengths of 1m or 500mm. Very simply add to lengths to one side of the structure. Now it is on a cantilever either 1m or 500mm higher than the other side. Go to the other side add in the same leg length, it is level again, repeat this method until your truss system stands at it full height.

We can supply scale drawings, system verification, load bearing charts and health and safety docs for our exhibition gantry hire.

Rental of exhibition gantry need not mean simple perimeter structures......


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