Exhibition/Tradefair Stands

Aluminium Framed display stands are popular at exhibitions, promotional events, trade shows and showrooms. They are easily portable, relatively light weight, quick to assemble and can be adapted year on year being a modular system. All these display stands shown here are built using a range of light weight and easy to assemble aluminium components. Aluminium profile cut to length for upright posts and horizontal beams all connecting with a clever cam system to lock the components together and form a sturdy structure.

Coker Exhibition Systems aluminium frame works are used to create all manner of displays. Everything from simple back walls, two tier structures, aerial rigs, light boxes, storerooms and office or storage areas. Graphics range from printed boards and panels, to rollable stoplight media, Pvc banner and stretch tension fabrics with silicone bead edges.

The designs shown are examples, custom build is the route with aluminium display frames, every design shown can be added too or taken away from, adapted to meet your personal requirements and to suit your exhibition and trade show floor area.

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