Exhibition truss hire services
Exhibition truss hire servicesExhibition truss system hire

Exhibition truss hire.

Exhibition truss hire

Lighting truss hire.


Exhibition truss hire, this structure was for a 6m x 5m floor area and stood at 3445mm high. The free floor space at the front of this design allowed for a customer interaction and product sampling area.

All of our exhibition truss systems are sent out in protective wheeled transport cases. A detailed drawing is supplied showing the section locations to enable you to set your truss system up as easily as possible with out the aid of the professionals if so required. Should you wish to avoid the set up and take down we do offer and installation and removal service with our own skilled contractors, ask for a quote.

Our truss is aluminium so light weight to work with and uses a quick connect spigot and pin system, no long winded nuts and bolts which can add hours to sep up and take down of any modular structure.

We can supply scale drawings, system certification, load bearing charts and health and safety docs for our lighting truss hire systems.

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