lighting gantry hire custom designs
lighting gantry hire custom designsHexagonal lighting truss structure

Lighting truss hire, hexagon with arms.

Lighting truss hire

Aluminium structures.


Lighting truss hire, this amazing aluminium structure was for a 7m sq floor area it stood at 3.545mm high and each arm of the hexagon created a zone for a product element to be displayed within. Banners where set to the internal frame and made a storage area, but this could be a small office area too.

Our truss is aluminium so light weight to work with and uses a quick connect spigot and pin system, no long winded nuts and bolts which can add hours to sep up and take down of any modular structure. If you require and installation and removal service our contractors can take of this for you too, ask for a quotation, 01256 768178.

We can supply scale drawings, system certification, load bearing charts and health and safety docs for our exhibition lighting truss hire.

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