Vector kit 6, freeform exhibition display stand

Vector Lockwall Kit 6

Vector freeform exhibition stands


Vector Kit 6 is an stand alone freeform trade show display stand, designed to catch the eye at any event. A free style, freeform vector display brings curves and arcs into the exhibition arena that has many straight aligned walls and divides. Lift the look of your exhibition stand with some soft curves and some real design. This freeform vector exhibition stand includes shelving and cable kits with graphic display boards to enable easy product promotion on a grande structure.

A simple allen key tool is all you will need to lock together each of the aluminium sections. A simple channel in each aluminium profile receives the silicone bead that is sewn to all edges of our tension fabric graphics. Allow 10 days to 2 weeks to produce a freeform exhibition structure as this.

We also offer a custom design service to allow you to create your own free style vector exhibition stand.

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