Fabric Lightboxes

Fabric Lightboxes with Silicone Edge Graphics

Lightboxes are usually made with aluminium profile into a frame and LEDs lights, and their purpose is to illuminate a printed graphic/image.

Lightboxes are increasingly popular with for an advertising display, shop floor or window display, even on your exhibition space or showroom. Making your brand, product, marketing and point of sale, to stand out from the crowd.

Our Lightboxes can be floor mounted or wall mounted, with a single sided or double sided graphic to suit your application. Which can be quickly changed. For a new look in minutes, using our Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).

Lightboxes can be used for as a permanent feature, or as a temporary display during a promotion.

We can also supply rotating Lightboxes, mounted onto one of our turntables, for an eye-catching display of your product.

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