Custom wall mounted light box in factory
Custom wall mounted light box in factorytension fabric light boxes rangeSuspended tension fabric light boxes at an exhibition

GL100 Tension fabric light boxes, wall mounted.

Tension Fabric Light Boxes

Custom size light boxes by quotation.

Suspended, and wall mounted light boxes


GL100 Back Lit LED

Super bright top quality indoor light boxes with dye sublimation or UV printed graphic included. 1x1M starter option with drop menu size options, we make them here to your custom sizes. Stretch Tension fabric light boxes when high impact display is required a variety of display uses exhibitions shop windows and showrooms, the 100mm deep profile is for used single sided graphics backlit with a high level of diffusion. The unit options are ready priced with a single sided graphic Ready for wall mounting but can also be hung, note:we have other profiles available for freestanding and double sided light boxes These are the next generation of large LED display light boxes for high impact backlit visual displays. By printing to a soft stretch fabric it allows for huge seamless light box display walls, ideal for exhibition, retail shop and interior design. We offer some standard sizes but, we manufacture the units on site to order, so any custom size is possible by quotation. Please also see our GL180 Boxes for freestanding or double sided impact

Each unit comes with a back lit fabric graphics with silicone beading edge, this means its easy to replace or update. Smart aluminium 100mm wide profile can be supplied in bespoke colours at extra cost

  • Led powered back lights super bright result with integral transformer. 5-6000 Kelvin, via a European quality transformer.
  • 100mm deep Anodised aluminium Satin Silver display frames.

These units are supplied in modular sections depending on the light box ordered and require assembly.

The backlit display boxes are easy to assemble on site with only a simple key tool. A backing board is supplied which may be in sections depending on your chosen size.

Backlit illuminated displays bring a real edge to any exhibition display, showroom, reception area or promotional event.

Expect a 1 week production time for these back lit display light boxes, made to order 01256 768178.

CUSTOM SIZES possible standard options below

Lightbox with front graphic
Bespoke products made by us about 1 week Secure online ordering