Freeform curved fabric display stand. Graphic Included!

Freeform curved fabric display

Curved freestanding fabric display stands with slip on sock style graphic.

Stretch fabric displays 2.4 and 3 Metre Curved


2 Sizes 2.4,and 3 Metre Wide with radius curve at 2425mm .

Freeform Curved Fabric Display stand. Freestanding height is 2280mm - 2 width stands to chose from 2.4,and 3M Metre Single and double sided graphics options at the same price!. Please watch the video on this page to fully understand this unique freeform fabric display system.

The frame is made from aluminium alloy poles that clip together in moments to assemble the structure. Once assembled it's easy to position the display and then apply the tailored graphic which slips over the display stand like a sock and then zips together along one edge.

Service time is normally 5 days from receipt of your graphic file

Packaged size 2.4 Metre Stand 930x270x210mm 6.5 Kilos Packaged Size 3.0 Metre Stand 800x265x265mm 6.6 Kilos

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