Sales counter folding counter with upstand top.
Sales counter folding counter with upstand top. thumbnail
Sales counter folding counter with upstand top. thumbnail

Sales counter folding counter with upstand top.

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Folding sales counter with top box security

Portable exhibition display counters that allow changeable branding.

The CDC3 aluminium framed folding counter is a reception bar style unit. This Unit has an up-stand on top typically used to hide documents and cash.

The counter dimension are 1070 x 515mm x 1103mm high including top box. These high quality folding display counters come as standard with white panels, but we can offer options for full graphics, coloured pvc panels, brushed alley panels or fabric covering to accept velco, by quotation.

This enables your pre printed flyers to be attached to the loop nylon and changed with ease. These units can also have the branded panels changed out quickly with ease giving them real longevity. Options are given for locking and sliding door sets too. For more information call 01256 768178


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