Eight panel folding display stand, loop nylon fabric and pvc trim.

8 panel folding display stand

Premium quality 8 Panel folding display.


8 panel folding display stand, is a flexible hinged system, made from 15mm thick internal board warp resistant with loop nylon fabric covering in a wide choice of colours all velcro acceptable. There is a choice of grey or black trim and the boards are reversible allowing a different fabric colour choice for each side if you wish. Popular for use at small events and exhibition needs or a school or office display or presentation need.

Board sizes are 600 x 900mm or 1000x 700mm board sizes with 250mm x 600/700mm header panel sizes. We supply these with a free correx carry case as standard. A very popular display stand for the small display and presentation requirement due ti its ease of set up and compact size when packed down. Approx 12 kilos and 15 kilos respectively.

How do I set up my Eight panel folding display stand? The panels are connected in runs of 4, take ever thing out of the box, find the row of boards which do not have the small connectors standing out of the pvc trim. These are the bottom row of your folding panel stand, place them on the floor. Now take the second row of hinged panels with the connectors hover them over the top of the lower set of boards and with the palm of your hand bump them down, the little connects will pop and grab the lower set of panels, now do the same with the header panels.

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