An event, race start line in Trio gantry - Event race start and finish lines in trussing

Event race start and finish lines in trussing

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Race Start Line gantry 1 in System 35 trussing

Trussing for outdoor events.

This is a very cost effective start line for events and races. The image shown is 5m over all width, 2.5m depth and 3.5 meters high. The unit takes only 40 minutes to assemble and can fit into an estate car with a maximum length piece of gantry at 2m.

This trio system 35 structure may need additional base weighting and or guy lines to secure according to outdoor weather conditions. Banners shown are available by quotation, advised to use mesh Pvc. Guy lines and stakes are another option, so too bolting the structure to a suitable ground surface.



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