Freestanding lighting truss 6x6 metres with upstand - Lighting truss system design

Lighting truss system design

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Trade show Display Truss for creating a back wall at events

Flexible build, modular trade show aluminium trussing.

Build 51

A System 35 trio lighting truss exhibition system to suit a 6 Metre square floor area that with the height of 3.4 meters.

This design has three open sides and gives a large graphic opportunity on the back wall, however each aperture can be fitted with graphics with a choice of PVC banners, stretch fabrics or System 70 with magnetic panels to give a high end stand at exceptional value.

The stand is the perfect partner for exhibition lighting to illuminate your entire stand.

The design can also re used in reverse to give a large graphic at the front, there is also the possibility of rebuilding in a variety of shapes to fit different sized exhibition venues.


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