Gantry lighting stand 4 Metres high 4 x 9 Metres exhibition stand - Exhibition lighting truss stand with double tier design
Exhibition Stand 4M high Built for display lighting - Exhibition lighting truss stand with double tier design

Exhibition lighting truss stand with double tier design

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Trio lighting truss structure with top ring banner areas

3.5m or 4 Metres tall, the ideal lighting rig and presentation display for events.

Build 58, Stage leg assembly for easy setup and take down.

Trio S35 Exhibition Gantry build 58 with floor area of 9M x 4M at a total height of 3.5M. First tier at 2.5 Metres, a staged leg assembly makes for easy set up and take down at events and trade shows. if you are looking to impress and be seen, a tall exhibition gantry stand could be the one for you. The top window banner display area can be used to screen off unsightly back distraction or be branded to use as high level product promotion it also provides perfect overhead display lighting positioning.

This level of lighting truss will offer plenty of possibilities for re creating other size exhibition stands the triangular construction not only looks attractive but packs away efficiently when not in use. This range of components allows for small floor sizes too.

Go higher? An exhibition stand at 4 Metres height is the maximum height without the need for building regulation engineers reports. System 35 Lighting truss is TUV certified, a recognised global standard. Construction is with conicals, tapered pins and safety clips. S35 Conical allows very fast exhibition stand construction without deflection and a very high weight loading. The stand is both functional and attractive.

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