Curved lighting truss structure, truss dome.

Gantry lighting truss

Curved lighting truss stand

Eye catching for events.


System 35 Trio lighting truss.

This curved build fits a floor area of 3.0M x 3.0M.However this design would be at home as a central feature on a larger floor area. The stand design can easily be extended to fit specific stand dimensions. We are happy to quote and discuss your display. The lightweight aluminium light truss makes clever use of System 35 gantry pieces together with a central connection box allowing 1.5m radius arcs to be fitted, the system can be decorated with banners and is the perfect support for display lighting and general stand lighting which as a central feature can illuminate a larger stand. The height can also be modified to suit this purpose.

System 35 truss needs no spanners to assemble, the truss has precision fitting conical joins secured with tapered pins and safety clips. You can expect many years service with this stylish stand.

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