Lighting truss sleeve for trio truss
Lighting truss sleeve for trio trussTruss sleeve velcro joint for wrapping trussingTruss sleeve with colour lighting effectTruss sleeve for Trio 50mm truss

Lighting truss sleeve for Trio gantry.

Lighting Truss Sleeve

White lycra, velcro fixing cover.

Exhibition and event applications


Lighting truss sleeve for trio gantry systems with a 50mm dia tube. Our white truss sleeve provides the perfect coverage for Trio truss structures, available in a variety of length options. We not not have any truss wraps to cover Trio junctions the variety of shapes makes this impossible. The white lycra fabric gives a clean look, ideal for exhibition applications as well as wedding and marquee environments.

When utilising the white truss sleeves, why not add a slimline led light for a coloured or colour change light effect within the frame work of your truss system, illuminating it from within.

The side velcro strip allows for easy installation onto your truss, saving time on set up.

Straight lengths 50mm dia tube
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