Corener gantry stand with Quad
Corener gantry stand with Quad 2 Wall Exhibition gantry corner stand2 wall lighting trussQuad Trade Show Gantry

Imposing 3M high corner stand

Quad Trade Show Gantry

Here we show a popular trade show display, 2 walls clad with access form 2 sides or isles. This quad lighting gantry has dims of 5m x 3m x 3m high. The quad truss beams are set to the floor as well so as you can inset banners into each aperture if you wish or to the rear tubes which ever you prefer the look of. Counter, lights and banners are all available from Coker Expo

We can quote this stand for your show, normally Gantry is in stock and we are near to Farnborough exhibition centre this stand is also available for hire

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