Three way "T" system 35 truss junction.

S35T37 3 way Trio Lighting Gantry Junction

Special T Junction S35 T 37

This 3 way "T" piece is an apex up junction for system 35 trio gantry designs. Normally the Triangular apex would point downwards with a level flat top (two tubes level) on a piece of truss. This is one of our massive range of Exhibition gantry parts which allows creative design to flow, most Gantry systems start with a square or a rectangular design, but the gantry stand can be re-built often in a completely new design.

Please check with us when ordering this part or designing a lighting rig. We will be pleased to offer assistance. There are several "T" pieces available for System 35 gantry and they can be quite specific as down legs can turn in different directions to achieve different structures. This one is often used the other way up to create a banner stand frame above the main exhibition stand. We will normally provide a scaled cad drawing without charge. S35T37


Size 500mm x 500mm x 500mm Weight 3 Kilos Complete with one set of connectors pins and clips

For more info please call Coker Expo on 01256 768178

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