Quad S35 Lighting gantry against a wall
Quad S35 Lighting gantry against a wallexhibition wall displayLighting gantry on a wallFixed exhibition standWall Fixed Quad Lighting Gantry

Wall fixed exhibition stand System 35 Quad

Wall Fixed Quad Lighting Gantry

Quad lighting truss.


This quad lighting gantry is supported by being bolted into a back wall and uses standard 3 way quad junctions. If you are looking to aim lighting back towards your exhibition wall then this is one simple solution. Ideal for portable or long term fixed displays. This image dimensions are 4m wide x 1.5m x 3m high. If the floor size at your event is different or you need additional height please ask for a quote. Coker Expo can also help with banners furniture signage and exhibition display lighting.

Much of this lighting gantry is held in stock at our main premises in Hook Hampshire close to Farnborough exhibition centre. Its easy to add to this stand system to create a different display for another event, The quad truss is extremely strong but lightweight and simple to erect. System 35 requites no spanners and can be used to hang heavy display products or long uninterrupted spans between legs. Also available from CokerExpo banners both on PVC or fabric, exhibition counters with branding and a large choice of lighting systems.

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