Freestanding Light Boxes

Grand light boxes for large display requirements, wall fixed, free standing and suspended frames are possible with our system. Coker Exhibition Systems use a very robust aluminium frame that can be either edge lit or backlit with the use of a backing panel.

It is possible with the use of our profiles to do single and double sided lightbox units too. The frames will need some basic assembly on site, but with this system we can create custom size lightbox frames to many meters in dimensions.

They are very popular in the exhibition, event, retail and shop arenas, being used for branding and product image display purposes. The stretch fabric that we print too has a silicone bead sewn to all edges. Once the frame is fully assembled simply pick a top corner and work around the framework squeezing the bead into the receiving slot of the aluminium profile with your finger tip.

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HALO LED Lightbox Display 1m x 2m (inc fabric graphics)


GL180 Light boxes with backlit stretch fabric graphics


GL120 Light boxes with backlit stretch fabric graphics, Free standing tension fabric light box


Printed soft stretch black back fabric textile graphics