Hanging Structures

Hanging display frames, aerial lighting truss

Hanging display frames and aerial lighting truss rigs, nothing stands out better over any exhibition floor or at a trade show event than a hanging tension fabric banner system or an aerial lighting truss. Any suspended structure hanging on wires from an exhibition hall roof or any other venue for that matter with catch the eye of all whom attend the event from way across the venue. You can be sure that any large tension, stretch fabric display sign way up high covered in your printed logo or brand products says we are right here, come and see our wares. Just an you know that when you see a suspended lighting truss structure high up fixed into a ceiling or slung from beam work the area under it will be well lit and invariably open plan in arrangement.

All of our aerial display systems can be altered to suit the specific floor area of your exhibition stand or venue, call to discuss your needs and ask for a quotation, 01256 768178.

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Trio aerial lighting rig, 2m Trio circle.

Aerial lighting rig 2m diameter circle Spigot and pin...£1,040.00

Freeform suspended display structure, Triplet.

Suspended display structure 3 meter aerial display.£1,280.00

Hanging exhibition banners, Triangular.

Hanging exhibition banners Tension fabric graphic system.£1,525.00

Suspended exhibition banner, 3m eye shape.

Suspended exhibition banners Suspended exhibition banner...£1,140.00

Tapered circle, suspended tension fabric display.

Suspended tension fabric display Tension fabric displays.£1,400.00

Circular tension fabric hanging displays.

Tension fabric hanging displays Tension fabric suspended...£595.00

Overhead hanging stretch fabric displays, supply and print.

Flying Top Hanging Signs Suspended aerial banner frames...£1,160.00

Aerial lighting truss 3m diameter circle, Trio.

Aerial lighting truss 3m diameter circle 35mm diameter tube.£1,474.00

Aerial lighting gantry 4m diameter Trio circle.

Aerial lighting gantry 4m diameter circle Spigot and pin...£2,159.00

5m diameter suspended lighting truss in Trio.

Suspended lighting truss circle Spigot and pin connection.£2,699.00

Quad aerial lighting truss.

Aerial Lighting Truss in Quad Suspended lighting truss rig.£1,364.00

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad.

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad Quad truss rig suspended...£1,904.00