Dynamic lightboxes by HueBox Exclusive to Coker Expo

HueBox LED Lightboxes

Welcome to the HueBox range of lightboxes supplied via CokerExpo. So what is a hue/light box? Essentially it is a unique way for your customers to experience your brand or business. It is a creative and engaging stretched SEG fabric light display only limited by your imagination. Starting as simple as a “frame only” with external lighting, through to the most advanced high definition animated vibrant experience, HueBoxes can be used in a multitude of wonderful ways to bring your brand to life with an energy that has to be seen to be believed.

fabric frame lightbox

Modular Frame

Whilst we can make a fabric frame and indeed HueBox of any size and to a complete bespoke set of requirements, the most efficient way to purchase is through the modular frame system. Frame only designs can be used for wall hanging or freestanding boxes are typically only limited to the print width of a large format printer (~5m). All frames come with wall hanging brackets or feet for freestanding. Frame only designs can be lit by external exhibition style lighting or a range of other products supplied via CokerExpo. They can be used to dress gantry/truss systems and lit using lights that hang from that system.

Group 15

Edgelit Design

The most cost effective solution to light the graphic within, an additional benefit of this system is that you can have illuminated graphics on both sides.

Group 16

Backlit Design

For larger lightboxes we provide a backlit option which provides bright illumination across any size box.

Group 17

Dynamic Backlit Lightbox

For the ultimate lightbox experience, why not choose our dynamic system. Lights can be programmed individually to provide a fluid changing image and add an extra wow factor to your brand.

Coker expo will work with you to design your bespoke animation to fit your graphics, additional animations and graphics can also be provided or added later.

HueBox system


Range of sizes

The HueBox system is built from modular sections, allowing us to create almost any size, in roughly 50cm increments.

Aluminium Frame

HueBox bespoke profile is made from strong yet lightweight aluminium providing channels for easy construction with the provided fixings.

Silicon Edge Graphics

SEG (Silicon Edge Graphics) is a high-resolution fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone edge. The silicone strip along each edge is sewn directly to the graphic, and the edge/strip is then inserted into a groove found in the receiving frame. The fabric is taut when installed in the frame. The result is a large format graphic that can be lit from front or back. It can be installed by hand with no tools and therefore easily changed. It is lightweight, versatile and seamless (stitch hidden in frame) with minimal shipping costs, minimal care instructions, low cost and green/eco-friendly. There is no glare, the tiniest of edges and can be printed up to 100m long!

Straight edgeSingle mitredDouble mitred+20mm+20mm

Modular pieces

Our standard lightboxes are built from 6 standard pieces, this dictates the available sizes - if you want something different give us a call!

Mounting options

The HueBox system is designed to either be floor mounted, or wall hung.

Removable feet are provided for floor mounted boxes, providing a sturdy base for the lightbox to be freestanding.

Where wall mounting is required, brackets are provided to firmly attach to the wall.

Fastening clipsFastening clips

Combining boxes

The boxes can be connected together in any combination, for floor mounted boxes the feet are positioned so they never get in the way. Clips are available to hold boxes tightly together, for both side by side or corner configurations.

Bespoke boxes

The HueBox system provides a modular system to cover most use cases, however if you want something different or special, cokerexpo can build it, just get in touch.

Standard Sizes

Key:    Single sided only    Single or Double Sided    Not available


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