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We have adapted some of our product range to meet demand for the requirements of COVID-19 social distancing and the provision of hand hygiene stations in the workplace, retail outlets and other public environments.

We provide:

  • Advisory Warning pre-printed Sanitising Stations
  • Counter Safety Screens
  • Queue Systems
  • Covid-19 Signage Solutions for Personal distancing and Hand hygiene

As we return to work, businesses are required to protect both employees and customers in line with UK Government recommendations. Our product range covers items suitable for social distancing provision, as well as hand hygiene stations.

For more information on the range of products available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 768178.

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Hand sanitising post with A4 signage and branding options

Sanitising Post with Signtop Do your bit to stop the spread...£99.00

Virus Poster display stands.

Virus Sign A4 and A3 signpoint.£54.00

25mm diameter ropes for barrier systems.

English posh ropes 25mm Coloured rope with trigger hooks...£28.00

Social distancing screen divide base unit

Social distancing screen divide Takes acrylic, perspex...£80.00

Freestanding protective screen guard

Freestanding protective screen guard Clear rollable PVC...£225.00

Flashing information signpost, A3 and A2.

Flashing information signpost Battery or mains power options.£249.00

Covid-19 Pavement sign A-Boards

Virus Pavement sign A-Boards A-Boards and A-frames supplied...£72.00

Coronavirus freestanding pull up stand with advisory notices.

Virus freestanding pull up stand Pull up roller banner...£65.00

Silver anodised poster frames silver anodised A3 - A1 range

Virus warning message Poster frames Snap shut action...£15.98

Motion activated speaking poster notice board

Speaking poster notice board Add your own Covid-19 message...£399.00

Social Distancing and Queuing.

Social Distancing Queuing Signpost Social Distancing Advice...£135.00

coronavirus information signpoint.

Virus information signpoint Free standing Covid-19 advice...£163.00

Wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser with Covid-19 signage

wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser Includes 500ml bottle...£55.00

Wall mounted hand sanitiser unit

Wall mounted hand sanitiser Indoor and outdoor use.£225.00

freestanding hand sanitiser station

Freestanding hand sanitiser station A3 graphic signage and...£225.00

Hands free freestanding sanitiser dispenser with A4 sign top.

Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser For indoor and outdoor...£195.00

Hand Sanitising Station for Children's areas

Hand Sanitising Station for Children Adjustable height and...£250.00

Hand sanitising station with Ipad point

Hand sanitising station with Ipad point Hand sanitising...£395.00

Anti viral sanitising station with hand washing sign board.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensing post Protect against Coronavirus...£280.00

Personal Hygiene Station

Personal hygiene station Hygiene information counter Pump...£210.00

Portable Hand Gel Sanitiser Station.

Hand Gel Sanitiser Station Supplied with 500ml sanitiser...£215.00

Hand Sanitation Counter

Demonstration Counter Polyprop Counter With carry bag base...£140.00

Post and rope queue posts,crowd control system choice of tops and finish

Rope and Post Gold Or Chrome Rope and Post is a high...£46.00

Extending safety barrier

Extending safety barrier Protect all, segregate Staff and...£75.00

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post Pair of...£150.00

Wall mounted queue control barrier with retractable belt 2.5M.

Retractable strap wall mounted Chrome wall mounted...£30.00

Kudos queue barrier posts with retractable straps.

Kudos retractable barrier post with 2.£45.00

Counter and desk protection screens using safety glass.

Counter and desk protection screens Two position settings...£140.00

Freestanding Virus sneeze screen 2m high.

Freestanding virus screens A full height sneeze guard for...£240.00

Covid Virus protection aid

Roller Screen 1200mm Hygienic Roller Screen 1200mm x 2...£68.00

Folding counter sneeze screen

Folding counter sneeze screen Protection for staff and...£180.00

Protective sneeze shield for counter tops.

Protective sneeze shield Supplied with edge grip stand-off...£55.00

Cough and sneeze counter guard screen.

Cough and sneeze counter guard screen Protect both your...£115.00

Sneeze screen for shop counter tops.

Sneeze screen for shop counters Protect both staff and...£70.00

Freestanding Sneeze Screen.

Freestanding Sneeze Screen Freestanding counter staff...£400.00