Virus signage

Warning notices and Signage posts to aid you to combat Coronavirus entering your premises. We are offering Advisory Warning pre printed Covid-19 Signage Solutions for Personal distancing and Hand cleanliness as we return back to Business premises, Retail outlets and Public offices.

Protect Company staff, Customers and the General Public, think about being able to both conform to the UK Governments requirements to provide 2m personal distancing as well as Hand cleaning ability at your premises as staff and the public come into your premises, beat Coronavirus. With Health and Safety in mind for all in these days consider Warning and Advisory Signage for both indoor and outdoor applications.

All products are currently in stock. Due to the high demand please use the LiveChat feature of the website to double check stock and availability. We can also answer your queries and questions rapidly using this method. Looking forward to speaking with you, and stay safe.

For more information on the range of products available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 768178.

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Hand sanitising post with A4 signage and branding options


Social distance Poster display stands


Flashing information signpost, A3 and A2


Pavement sign A-Boards with social distancing messages


Hygiene advice freestanding pull up stand


Silver anodised poster frames silver anodised A3 - A1 range


Motion activated speaking poster notice board


Social Distancing and Queuing.


Hand hygiene and social distancing signpoint