Large Quad Gantry 50mm

Quad Exhibition Gantry 50mm, For indoor or outdoor large exhibition stands

Quad Exhibition Gantry. System 50 Quad50 is For larger and Exterior display stands It is super strong and can achieve 18 Metre unsupported spans, depending on use and load required. This is a TUV certified quality product.

The S50Q Gantry has 4 x Aluminium alloy 50mm Tubes with a 2mm wall thickness 20mm braces. Each end has precision machined sockets to receive conical joining plugs tapered bullet pins and spring clips. Each section comes complete with one set ready to go. We have a complete range of parts together with lifting and installation equipment which will be required for this size of truss section. This system has a range of white or black fabric covers as standard for entertainment areas and Coker Expo can print fabric or PVC banners to create stunning branded walls.

The company can provide bespoke Cad drawings to suit any stand required.

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Truss tower in quad 290 build 68

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2 Tier S50 Quad Exhibition Gantry Sand 12x6x4M High

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