Quad Lighting truss S50 from Coker Expo - 18 Metre Span Exhibition Gantry Stand - Build 66

18 Metre Span Exhibition Gantry Stand - Build 66

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Quad event lighting truss build 66

System 50 quad aluminium exhibition gantry comprising 4x50mm aluminium tubes with 2mm walls and 20mm cross braces. A lighting truss system for larger display designs inside or outside. This example demonstrates a 15M x 11M x 4M high stand with 6 legs but, this quality and size will allow up to 18 Metre spans between legs depending on loads and forces applied. 50mm trussing systems are suitable for use outdoors at external events too.

The connection system allows rapid building utilising precision conicals with tapered bullet pins and spring safety clips, no spanners are necessary during erection or knock down. The system benefits from virtually no deflection between joined pieces. which also allow a considerable weight loading of signage. and or your own products and displays

Banners and graphics are also available from Coker Expo together with indoor. This truss system although lightweight aluminium pieces may need lifts to assemble. Coker Expo can help with the supply of support equipment.


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