Lighting truss exhibition stand square with top banner - Exhibition gantry design number 10
Exhibition stand design showing provision for banners and lighting - Exhibition gantry design number 10

Exhibition gantry design number 10

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Square truss display stand for 3x3m or 4x4m floor areas build 10

System 35 Lighting Truss

Exhibition gantry stand design Number 10. This build is for a floor area of 3m x 3m x approx 3400mm high, however this same design is the blueprint for a whole host of exhibition stand designs. This basic shape is 3x3 Metres but with System 35 exhibition gantry it is possible to re build in another configuration. Coker Expo hold a vast stock of gantry parts and accessories ready to allow for you to get creative, together with a plug and play daisy chain exhibition lighting solution and all the frills.

The Exhibition gantry will define the display stand and give clear direction for mounting advertising banner medias, you can choose from fabric, PVC banners front or backlit displays. perfect for bright display lighting mounting together with somewhere to hide the cables.

The triangular construction not only looks attractive but packs away efficiently when not in use. An exhibition stand at 4 Metres high is the maximum height without the need for building regulation engineers reports. System 35 Lighting truss is TUV certified, a recognised global standard. Construction is with conicals, tapered pins and safety clips. S35 Conical allows very fast exhibition stand construction without deflection and a very high weight loading. The stand is both functional and attractive.

Built to last for very many years System 35 truss will serve you well, it is arguably the best investment you will ever make in an exhibition stand!

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