Lighting gantry systems
Lighting gantry systemsLighting gantry system

Lighting truss system, build 56.

Lighting truss system UK

35mm diameter tube, Quick assembly trussing.

Lighting truss for the bike show.


A basic perimeter in System 35 Trio aluminium truss structure to dims of 6mm x 6m x 2.5mm high. This Aluminium structure is for a 6m sq floor area, ideal for events and exhibitions such as the bike show, to carry lights and graphics banners. The trussing uses a 35mm diameter tube, set up and break down are made easy thanks to the spigot and pin connection system used of this display system.

Need a different floor area, just drop out a truss beam or two and create a smaller floor area, need to enlarge it, just buy an additional piece of truss, easy. Need a quote call 01256 768178.

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