Brushed aluminium set of display plinths.
Brushed aluminium set of display plinths. thumbnail

Brushed aluminium set of display plinths.

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Brushed aluminium crescent display plinth set

Crescent shaped tops

Multiple height plinths

Multi linked crescent display plinths set with a high end brushed aluminium finish and beech effect laminated tops as standard. Three plinths make up the set, the tallest plinth is completely round and the other two are have crescent sections removed so as they lock into the central supporting column to create a multi-tiered or nest effect for high visual impact.

The body of the plinths is made from MDF tambour which has been "V" routed into strips on the reverse side, the smart brushed aluminium laminate is applied to the front side. The result is a rollable curtain or wrap forming the body of the display plinth set. This makes them very portable and easy to transport to events and trade shows. The top and bottom edges of the tambour are covered with hook fastener which is connected to the plinth top and bottom when being assembled. Plinth tops are also made from MDF with and then thermoformed with a laminate covering the top and edges. Thermoformed tops are available in a range of colour finishes.

Once assembled the exhibition plinth set is very strong depending on the size chosen and whether it’s a round or crescent unit, but for example you could probably stand on the top of a round plinth. This allows them to be used in a variety of display configurations, to create a shape appropriate to your display area requirements.

Heights are:

  • 400mm sets: 1200mm 800mm and 400mm
  • 600mm sets are 1000mm 800mm and 600mm
  • 750mm sets are 1000mm 800mm and 600mm.

Velcro assembly - quick and easy, carry loads of 40 kilo's without trouble. Manufactured in the UK. Made to order within the week.

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