Illuminated display plinth
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Illuminated display plinth

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Illuminated display plinth

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Back lit display plinth

The illuminated display plinth is very eye catching, be it plain coloured acrylics or printed back lit digital graphics. Our illuminated plinths are designed to be flat pack making them suitable for taking to an exhibition or trade show event and then assembling on site in about 5 minutes. We use strong acrylics which can take the weight load of a 30kg product being displayed upon the display plinth. A flexible hinge system combined with industrial velcros makes set up quick and easy. These plinths are mains powered and have Led light fixtures. We have a basic colour range of acrylic but also offer an option for a light up graphic plinth.

We apply a high quality translite print directly to the clear acrylic, this product has a built in opal layer to act as a diffuser and spread the light. You do not get this will back lit paper prints which are then bonded to acrylic.

A back lite digital print can be very powerful as a promotional display at an event, light up your brand! Why not take your plinths to another level. These plinths are all 1m high as standard and have top surface area of 400mm sq the supporting acrylic column is 380mm sq. Tops are black only.

We can also offer a upgrade, a foil edge applied to all edges to give a posh silver surround.

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