Custom shaped pop up display stands at an exhibition event
Custom shaped pop up display stands at an exhibition eventS shaped pop up stand made from two linking curved displays3 curved pop up display stand linked together to form an exhibition booth areaA group of custom shaped pop up display standsA tri shaped custom pop up display stand design

Custom shaped pop up display stand designs for events.

Shaped pop up display stands

We make custom shaped pop up display stands, various heights and shapes.

Custom pop up stands, straight, curved, deliver powerful impact.


A Variety of custom pop up stand design configurations can be made using different height display, curved and straight pop up display frames can be linked to produce some fantastic custom pop up exhibition stand designs. Each design is by quotation and can take some days to draw up and quote. Some of the most popular pop up display shapes are S shape, wave, Tri shaped or star, right angles and large curved or arced designs.

A custom pop up stand is often decided upon as it allows the formation of a pop up booth at an exhibition or event. You can also inter change the pop up display stand heights opting for some at 3 quads high and others at 4 quads high creating a lot more style and interest in the finished exhibition stand layout.

With custom pop up designs many are produced to be a 360 degree display and so the rear of the pop up systems can also have graphics fitted creating a double sided display, maximum branding and visual attraction.

It is possible to work out just how many transport cases are needed to protect your frames and graphics too. We can advise of the number of lighting fixtures that can be fixed to the pop up frames as well.

Please do call and discuss your personal requirements and ideas 01256 768178.

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