Curved pop up display stand 4 quads high.
Curved pop up display stand 4 quads high.

Tall pop up display stand, 4 quads high.

Tall pop up display stand

4 quads high 2968mm tall!

Need instant impact, an extra tall pop up display 4 quad high.


Pop up display stands can be made taller and shorter by adding or subtracting the quads that make the the pop up frame height up. Our image shows a stand 3 quads wide x 4 quads high, standing at 2968mm high this becomes a mighty impressive display as you can imagine any any exhibition or promotional event. If you looking for that little extra to give your product and brand some real impact then a taller than average pop up display stand may will be the solution to your presentation needs. Remember that with this extra height comes a need for a small stool or steps to get up high enough to hang your graphics from the framework.

The maximum we recommend is 5 quads hight 3710mm but this stand must be anchored by some form of additional weighting at the base of the pop up display.

Choose from the options below which pop up stand you require, add a wheeled transport case and some lights to make up your display kit.

We can also offer a straight extra high pop up display by quotation, ask for a quote 01256 768178.

Curved Pop Up Kits
Wheeled Case with wooden insert top.
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