Post and banner, cafe barrier stands

Crowd control stands with banners

Post and banner stands for indoor or outdoor use in cafes exhibitions reception areas and showrooms or anywhere when crowd control or a queueing system is needed.

Coker Expo is able to offer a range of products with single or double sided printed banners barriers. Stands can be rigid or flexible with freestanding posts and cross poles with printed sides on PVC banner or rigid materials

For Airport, Cafes, Concourse barrier, Ticket booths, Post Office Childress creche and Retail sales pedestrian control. These advertising banner stand products are in addition the the range of rope and post or retractable strap barrier stands

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Indoor cafe barrier and cordoning.

Indoor cafe barrier and cordoning S70 Cafe barrier.£290.00

Banners for cafe barrier systems

Printed cafe barrier banners Stoplight PVC banners, for...£41.00

Alfresco Prime cafe barrier posts + Cross rails (not including banners)

Cafe barrier system posts Alfresco prime chrome cafe...£180.00

Coffee Time black posts add cross rails (3 widths)

Coffee Time cafe barrier Cafe street barriers black posts...£24.00