A shell scheme booth clad with graphics
A shell scheme booth clad with graphicsShell scheme booth structure 2m x 2mPVC trim fitting to fix graphics to shell schemeRollable graphics panels to clad a shell scheme booth

Graphics for a shell scheme booth

Graphics for a shell scheme booth

Rollable shell scheme panels


Service coming soon. Looking for printed graphics for a shell scheme booth, may be we can help. Pretty much every company that exhibits at shows and events will have at some time in the past used a shell scheme booth. A simple walling and ceiling grid that defines your floor area at an exhibition or trade show. The panels in a shell scheme system of which there are many brands of profile used are either covered in fabric or a hard panel with painted surface. All of the upright aluminium profiles are slotted and this allows for a clever range of Pvc trim strips to be fixed into that slot to allow a board to be fixed to the shell scheme structure. The Pvc trims have a hook velcro receiver applied to them which allows for the printed board or printed rollable graphics panel to be fixed to the wall. The are a number of shaped panel fixing trims so as we can secure graphics panels into the corners of a exhibition booth too.

This method allows a shell scheme booth to be clad with full colour graphics in a seemless fashion with ease and speed. The rollable tambour also means we can dispatch far more cheaply as with a flat panel and door to door courier is really the only option. A graphics tube should also be considered to keep your rollable display graphics in tip top condition. You should get many uses out of out hard wear quality printed graphics. With this method of cladding a shell scheme stand the graphics will be supported well at the joint unlike a basic paper or stoplight graphic which is then and can pucker and lift and the joins.

So when it comes to cladding a shell scheme stand always ask for a quote and send in the systems dims, most exhibition organisers will give you a drawing of your floor are with panel dims, we can then quote from this and advise the correct fixing trims required to, call on 01256 768178 to discuss cladding your exhibition stand.

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