Battery operated turntable CBO40. thumbnail
Battery operated turntable CBO40. thumbnail
Battery operated turntable CBO40. thumbnail
Battery operated turntable CBO40. thumbnail
Battery operated turntable CBO40. thumbnail

Battery operated turntable CBO40.

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CBO40 Battery powered display turntable, ball race bearings, ideal for small display items.

For rotating cakes and shoes its a popular choice, up to 4 Kilos flat load.

Rotating battery operated turntable, this unit is perfect for exhibition and shop window displays, rotating display exhibits up to 300 - 400mm, the display needs to be balanced and the batteries will keep it turning for a very long time (months)

  • Battery Powered turntable for 1 or Two "D-Cells" (not supplied) with on off switch.
  • Capable of turning up to 4 Kilos flat concentric and balanced load Note: the size of the display can dramatically alter the weight loading capability.
  • Rotates 1.7 RPM Clockwise which is the optimum display speed for this size.
  • Unit dimensions are 150mm Dia x 60mm High with an egg shell white plastic casing and an on off switch.
  • The unit incorporates a radial ball bearing.
  • Use 1 or 2 batteries to the double life span.
  • The bottom plate has bore holes for easy mounting.

Applicable as display turntable, a built in turntable or revolving stand, the unit can take a lightweight additional display top and this can be easily covered with a fabric by the end user to suit the display. We do not supply additional tops and would suggest items such as foil cake bases which make ideal revolving platform extensions that can easily be glued or double sided taped to the unit.

Please ensure to keep the load central and balanced. We note that some customers have sprayed the units to match their brand. These units are plastic so please be careful with solvents that could effect on the unit.

A balanced load is a requirement for any turntable to work properly you can use one or two D-Cells batteries (not supplied). They will keep it turning for months, D cells are the big fat 1.5 volts ones we used to put in torches, this is an impressive popular unit supplied for so many display purposes not only in shops, but also extensively by photographers for video film production. The units run quietly but are not silent, in normal display environments the small sound is not noticed.

Please watch the attached video to help fully understand this battery operated display turntable.

Normally the lead time is 1 day dispatched by next day courier if ordered before noon.

For more information call us on 01256 768178


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