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HueBox Pro Lightbox

HueBox is the worlds most dynamic LED lightbox system.  They capture attention by coming to life, revealing a hidden side, a new dimension or highlight of a product feature, driving drama and intrigue to immerse your customers into your brand or product.

Powered by a portable memory card using a controller unit, the thousands of individually controllable LEDs display professionally animated video loops of your product, brand or image. Lighting scenes are changed by simply updating the program with the desired effect on the wired controller.  

Designed around its versatile 120mm modular aluminium profile holding stretched silicon edge fabric graphics, HueBox light boxes can stand on their own feet, be wall mounted or even suspended in a range of configurations including advanced ceiling lighting.

Manufactured in the UK, HueBox can be any size from 520mm upwards in modular increments of either 480mm or 960mm. All parts are serviceable and replaceable and any HueBox can be re-imagined and repurposed into a different size or configuration due to it’s modular nature.

CokerExpos’ unique HueBox service offers fabric printing using the widest colour gamut HP Latex printers, helps with bespoke sizing requirements and can offer professional advice and help around more complex projects.  And of course, we help bring your brand to life through professional animation of static images.

HueBox - turning on attention!

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