System 50 Exhibition Gantry 6 Leg Rectangle
System 50 Exhibition Gantry 6 Leg Rectangle

Three Tube 50mm very strong aluminium display stand this display truss example is 8M x 4M

System 50 Lighting truss 8M x 4M

Inside Or Outside


System 50 Sound and Lighting Display Truss System

Here we show a 6 legged 8x4 Metre design using System 50 Trio lighting truss, this system can be used inside or out its also capable of high weight loading and long unsupported spans between legs. This design is 8 x 4M x 2.5M high, but is just shown here as an example to give you an idea of cost and the limitless possibilities offered with an exhibition gantry from any of our ranges. All the connections employ precision made conicals that plug into each other and are quickly secured with tapered pins and safety clips, Once connected the system is solid without deflection issues at the joints. Its a favoured system for those who install it because its quick and easy a satisfyingly solid construction.

Please feel free to call and discuss your requirement, we will be happy to provide a cad drawing and quotation. Coker Expo have several ranges of Own Gantry stands to choose from all systems are TUV certified and Globally Compatible providing you take the right advice. An investment in System 35 or System 50 Exhibition Gantry is just about as solid as the Stands.

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