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Exhibition Display - Post And Rope Queue Posts

Post and rope queue posts indoor crowd control products. You can buy with confidence The RopeMaster ™ brand of post and rope queue post and queue posts need little to no maintenance and come complete with a three year quality guarantee. The posts are available in chrome or brass effect and with some of the ranges a stainless steel option is also offered, all posts are further offered with a choice of modern tops crown, ball or flat top posts, Please select your option from the drop down menus below. Coker Expo queue guidance systems can also be used with additional information signs, which are offered as options RopeMaster ™ posts are traditional and modern with a deep chrome finish, the bases are filled with concrete and have an anti slip rubber floor protector grip. each post with base weighs 9 Kilos and the bases are 320mm wide giving a smart look and quality feel. Here you will find a selection of velour or braided, ropes with spring loaded trigger ends. There are also sign tops to bring branding and direction instructions. These solutions are well used in the retail sector, Hotels, Airport lounges, Prestige buildings, Exhibition halls, Schools, Universities post offices and at theatre events.

Ropes can be ordered in specific lengths if required for example if you wanted a rope across an entrance or staircase, two wall eye plates and and the gap is all the information we need. For more information on the post and rope queue posts Ropemaster product range available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 768178.

If you require an outdoor queue or safety restriction barrier system please look at our single and double retractable strap barrier systems. Retractable Strap barrier systems can also provide a secure area and cost effective savings.

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Post and rope queue posts,crowd control system choice of tops and finish

Rope and Post Gold Or Chrome Rope and Post is a high...£46.00

25mm diameter ropes for barrier systems.

Coloured rope with trigger hooks gold or chrome Ropes made...£28.00

RopeMaster 25mm velour rope with trigger hooks brass and chrome.

Ropemaster Velour rope 25mm Velour ropes with trigger hooks.£17.00

Sign holder with inserts A4 Chrome

A4 Post top sign Sign Holder This A4 portrait chrome poster...£34.00

5 set Posts, queue rope and post barrier.

Set of 5 x RopeMaster posts, crowd control system choice of...£218.00