Chrome post and base for rope with base and ball top
Chrome post and base for rope with base and ball topBrass post and base for rope with base and ball topStanchion for ropes gold or brassGold rope stanchionCrowd control roe and postRope and PostRope and PostRope and PostRope and PostRope and PostRope and PostRope and Post

Post and rope queue posts,crowd control system choice of tops and finish

Rope and Post

Gold Or Chrome


Rope and Post is a high quality indoor post and rope barrier system for crowd control. We offer 3 different finishes polished stainless, satin stainless and brass. Each stand is also offered with three different post tops all at at highly competitive prices.

The posts all have concrete filled steel bases with full circumference anti-slip rubber floor protectors as standard.

The ropes offered separately are available in three ranges- twisted, velour and bespoke "posh English". The twist and velour ropes come in 1.8m lengths and are available in three colours with trigger hook fittings which are offered in gold or chrome finish. Our English ropes are traditionally made and cut to size as required and the range of colours is also larger.

We offer all Rope and post barriers on a sliding scale the more you buy the better the price.

Coker Expo offer a perfect solution for queue management and crowd control. Posts are available with flat, crown or ball post top finials, the same final height what ever the style and come in a polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel or a polished brass finish.

Please note we do offer an extensive range of RopeMaster crown control barriers this range is for indoor use. All of the our products have a three year guarantee.

Dimensions: Stanchions are an ideal product for a more traditional queue management solution. Total Height 990mm Base Diameter 320mm, post diameter 50mm and weight 9kgs. Covered by a 3 year warranty.

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